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Apr 13, 2007 at 11:56 AM

Some questions about CAF


Hello all,

I'm new to CAF and I'm creating a first application following some how-to guides. However, I have some basic doubts which I would like to solve...

First to all, I have imported a WebService called <i>SearchEquipment</i> where its input is a Search Request (IDEquipment or EquipmentName), and its output are:

1. IDEquipment

2. EquipmentName

3. All descriptions according to all equipments that correspond with one of the both Search Request.

For instance, IDEquipment = 174* and EquipmentName= "null" and the response is:

1741, XXXX, description1

1742, XXXY, description2

Now, I want to create a new WebService with exactly the same Bussiness logic. So, my questions are:

1. According to the Entity Service: How should I create that attributes? (IDEquipment and nameEquipment are not mandatories) . In the datasource option, What's the meaning of map by minValue?.

2. According to the Application Service: I have created a new opperation in the entity service but, the input parameters in the application service are QueryFilter. I would like to parse this QueryFilter attributes to String. How works the API called

CreateStringFilter (parameters meaning) etc?

Thanks in advance!,