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Webi Input Control

I Have a Webi report with Input Control(drop down box) with Default Value as My Stores in the input control with Filter operator Equal to and List of Values from Report.

My Store Formula: =[Profit Center - Key (Not Compounded)]Where([SAP User ID]=CurrentUser())

So when the report was executed in the input control Mystores should be default value with respect to the person who logs based on his SAP User ID and his store assignment,Instead of store number it should show My Stores, It was working earlier but now my stores is being displayed but not in the initial default view somewhere down in the drop down box user has to select my stores each time when he wants to see the report. How can we make it show as a initial default value when the report was executed.

Thanks in Advance

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  • scheduled through instances. User can see his store.

    My store value is being populated when the report is executed. but it is not defaulting in the combobox in the initial view, it is somewhere in the down which user has to select each and every time.

  • Hi,

    Can you try rescheduling the same report to test for a store manager and see if that works?.



  • I tried but my stores values is not the initial default in the combo box. My stores is coming somewhere in the bottom in the combo box of input control.

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