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Apr 13, 2007 at 08:04 AM

New GL and Profit center settings



i've already tried to find out this on other thread, but with no reply -

so i am asking again -

does anyone know the correct connection/explanation for the issue below?


"2) Profit Center Integration - With the new GL, Profit Center Accounting is an integrated element of the reporting ledgers. No need for a fully independent PCA implementation."


if a customer is not implementing PCA and indicator in CO Area (OKKP) is not set for PCs, the system still validates PCA because it seems that a year entries with PCA connections in CO area are created by default - entries in table V_TKA00_PC; and "ignoring" Profit center inactive indicator settings within the CO area

ie. cost centers need assignment to PC .. and revenue postings are done to cc as statistical not actual ...

this is happening in sap ecc 5.0 and I would like to verify is this a rule or there is a bug?

thanks in advance