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Apr 13, 2007 at 07:46 AM

Regarding maintenance cycles and Maintenance Projects !!!



This Message is regarding the functionalities provided by SAP in

the "Change Request Mangement" as provided in Solution Manager 4.0.

We have gone through all the documents in the SAP website which relates

to Change Request Management and have also attended the relevant course

for Change Request Management (USMF55). We have attended this course as

we are implementing the Service Desk for a multinational client. We

have on an average 30 Change Requests raised every month and knowing

the Change Request Cycle in Solution Manager 4.0 seek following


1. We need to have multiple Mainteinance cycles attached to a

Maintainence Project.

This is because CR's will be raised from 10 different systems and as

these cannot be progressed without a Maintainence proj & Maintainence

cycles, we plan to have a single maintainence project for each of these

systems and within them have multiple maintenance cycles.

2.Also while progressing on a Change Request(CR) at the time of

authorisation by the Change Manager the system prompts us to attach a

maintainence cycle to the CR. Is it mandatory to have a maintainance

cycle created before a Change Request is created.

3.Also during the cycle if the developement is done without generating

a Transport Request will all the developement done still get recorded.

As when we tried this scenario the customising chnegs / developement we

had done were not recorded when we did not generate the Transport

Request before doing the development.

AS per SAP the developer first creates a transport request and

subsequently logon on the development system and then makes the

corrections and then assign the created transport request to the

corrections he makes..

However consider the scenario where developer forgets to create the

transport request and then he makes all the changes in the development

system, then will the changes still be recorded ??

4. While the developer is working on the correction document type, he

clicks on action and then sets the user status of the document to "IN


Now clicks on the actions once again to create "transport request",

then on the creation of the transport request, the system status is

again reset to "Created" from "IN DEVELOPMENT"

This behaviour of the system is unusual.

Please help me with these issues..

Any help would certainly be rewarded.