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Apr 13, 2007 at 03:00 AM

Logon SAP in Silent Mode


I am trying to connect to SAP in silent mode with the following syntax

in VB.Net

oConnection = oFunction.Connection

oConnection.Client = "900"

oConnection.Language = "EN"

oConnection.TraceLevel = 6

oConnection.User = mUserId

oConnection.Password = mPassword

oConnection.System = mSystem

oConnection.ApplicationServer = mApplicationServer

oConnection.Logon(0, true)

However, the function return false, i.e. failed to connect.

But if I connect using oConnection.Logon(0, false), the logon dialog box with all information pre-set pop up, and when I pressed OK, the session is logged on.

I noticed that many developers met the same problem before, and I wonder if this is owing to the library that installed on my machine. As I have tried the javascript example provided in this SDN, but still got failed in logging on to SAP in silent mode.

Could someone please help?

Thanks a lot!