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Apr 12, 2007 at 08:20 PM

Does a SQL Select-like BAPI exist for use through .NET Connector?


I am a Visual Studio .NET developer and will be starting on a new project in about a month. Part of that project will entail some SAP transactions: retrieving equipment changes, retrieving functional location changes, creating work orders and retrieving work order changes.

In the past, we have paid a lot of $$ to have custom interfaces created in SAP to meet our needs, but this time, we were hoping to be able to use the .NET Connector and do this work ourselves. So, I have been 'playing with' the connector in Visual Studio. I have gotten some things to work and it looks like a viable tool IF you know which BAPIs to call and IF you can find a BAPI that does what you want it to do.

I have not been able to find a BAPI that will retrieve equipment or functional location changes; nothing seems to allow you to input a date range and search for those records that satisfy that query...except for the RFC_READ_TABLE. I have read many posts about RFC_READ_TABLE and how it shouldn't be used for production purposes. Are there any BAPIs out there that might do what I need so that I don't feel forced to consider the RFC_READ_TABLE ? If there are, how would I find out what those BAPIs are and what they specifically do?

My only source seems to be using the connector through Visual Studio to enter a filter and list the BAPIs that match. I can look at some of the names and speculate about what function they perform, but guessing isn't a good way to develop an application.

I have access to log into our SAP system. And I know what screens have the data that I am looking for. Is there a BAPI behind those screens and if so, how do I find out what they are?

I would appreciate any feedback that might steer me in the right direction on this.