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ABEND RS_EXCEPTION. Dereferencing of the NULL reference MS[...]

Jun 15, 2017 at 07:32 AM


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When ever i try using a formula variable for which there is a customer exit ABAP code, the query fails to run in BObj platform.

I receive the following error

capture2.png (42.0 kB)
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Please add more details - is the Design Studio add-on installed on the BI platform? Are you using BW/4HANA (that is the primary tag used)

Which version/SP of Design Studio are you using and which version of the BI platform?


Hi Tammy,

I am sorry, We are not using BW/4HANA. We are using MSSQL currently but will be migrating to BW/4HANA shortly.

Yes, Design studio add-on is installed in the platform .

Here are all the version details

Design Studio Version : 1.6, SP3

Data Base system: MSSQL

BW Component Version : SAP Netweaver 7.4

BI Platform version : 4.2 Support Pack 2 Patch 5


Aaqil - what does View-> Error log show?



When ever i add the data source with that particular formula variable, these are the error messages that are shown in the error log.

capture3.png (45.4 kB)

OK, is there a short dump on the BW back end? Can you check ST22 in BW?


Tammy ,

Yes there was an error dump. Here is the screenshot of the same.

capture4.png (49.7 kB)
capture5.png (59.2 kB)
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Tammy Powlas
Aug 10, 2017 at 09:37 AM

Hi - if that is the case, I would submit an incident to SAP Support, and reference this thread and indicate you have applied the note. Good luck.

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Tammy Powlas
Jun 16, 2017 at 02:08 PM

Aaqil - please ask your Basis Team/BW Lead to review this SAP Note -

It appears to be a BW issue, not Design Studio

Good luck

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Hello Tammy,

have you got any news on this subject? I have this issue here with a 7.5SP6 BW and the mentioned note already installed ...

it happens when executing a planning sequence on the data shown in a query in the DS application. In my case, text variables with abap coding are envolved. The same planning sequence can be called in analysis or excel with no problems.

kind regards, Thomas

ds-error.png (26.5 kB)