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Field added in internal table of standard include are ignored at runtime

Jun 14, 2017 at 08:50 PM


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The SAP standard include LVFRRTOP contains global data being used by Transactions such as vf46 and vf44. Some of the internal tables declared there have been modified by SAP to add new fields using Enhancement Spots. During the execution of some SAP Tcodes we have noticed that the fields added thru these enhancment spots are not recognized.

Example of internal table declared in include LVFRRTOP:

data: begin of gvt_com_entry_table occurs 2,
sakrv like vbreve-sakrv, " Revenue account
sak_no like vbreve-popupo, " Revenue account number
acc_value like vbrevk-acc_value.
enhancement-point lvfrrtop_gvt_com_entry_table spots es_saplvfrr static.
*$*$-Start: LVFRRTOP_GVT_COM_ENTRY_TABLE-------------------------------------------$*$*
data: bdjpoper type rr_bdjpoper. " IS-M/AM: Periodenabgrenzung
*$*$-End: LVFRRTOP_GVT_COM_ENTRY_TABLE-------------------------------------------$*$*
data: end of gvt_com_entry_table.

The field bdjpoper was added by SAP using an enhancement spot which belong to the enhancement implementation ISM_SAPLVFRR. However, At runtime of VF46 or VF44, we noticed that this field is not present (is being ignored) and it is causing ABENDs while trying to assign values.

We have reactivated the enhancement implementation ISM_SAPLVFRR;however, the problem continues. No syntax problem exists. everything seems to be fine... only the fields added thru the enhancement spots are ignored, Also if I create my own enhancement point and add a new field. it is ignored at runtime....

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2 Answers

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Raymond Giuseppi
Jun 15, 2017 at 05:49 AM

Is the Switch ISM_MAM "Media: Advertising Management" active on your system?

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In the Properties Tab of the implementation ISM_SAPLVFRR I see:

switch: ISM_MAM (Double click on it and it is displayed as Activated. also no errors detected).

switch position: F (off)

The Global status of Switch ISM_MAM is: Off

Do you think switch position and Global status should be: ON ??


The Enhancement is related to Media: Advertising Management in Industry Solution Media IS-M, which doesn't seem to be active on your system, so it won't be executed.

Warning: You could consider activation the switch (if your installation is compliant) , BUT it would have some other impacts on your system, first read online available documentation (search or with transaction SWF5 and some search/navigation) Don't activate a switch in your development system first, many switches can no longer be deactivated, so first try MUST be executed in some sandbox and only if truly required. (Business Function: ADVERTISING_MANAGEMENT)

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Thank You Raymond!

David Antonio Arroyo León Jun 14, 2017 at 09:34 PM

Hi Alfonso:

Try 2 things:

Use SE20 --> Enhancement Implementation --> ISM_SAPLVFRR and be sure that Implementation is OK

Locate on main object VFRR FG and do "Update Navigation Index" steps (Utilities Menu --> clic on Update Navigation Index)


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Thank You David. I tried your suggestion; however, the problem continues.