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Apr 12, 2007 at 02:42 PM

DTP Process!


Hello Gurus,

Need suggestions on this - (I searched in the forums before posting this but could not find answers to my questions.)

I know how DTP works and how to deal with error stack but I want to know how it behaves?

1.What happens if I am doing a full load (1st Day) and some records came into error stack. 2nd Day, again my full load started and I have not cleared my error stack of 1st Day and some more records from 2nd Day came into my error stack? What needs to be resolved first before my 3rd Day full load starts or next full load starts? How does DTP behaves on this? Will it recognize my Day1, Day2 error records separately when I correct them or will it push all of then at a time.

What steps needs to be followed before my next full load starts? How to resolve this problem?

2. What happens if I am doing two subsequent delta loads into one data target and my first process is not yet finished? I know that delta capabilities in DTP will load both of them but if both the delta request has the same keys for update, will my load fails? or will it be successful?

How does DTP behaves and how do we need to handle this kind of situation?

3. Is it compulsory in both the cases that either full or delta but first set of request or load needs to be activated before next one processed or not necessarily required?

Thanks in Advance,