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Former Member
Jun 14, 2017 at 01:53 PM

System measurement for HR Module


Hello Experts,

I am new to the SAP's engine measurement functionality and looking for some guidance. I'd like to measure usage of the following HR modules.

a) Master records PD Organizational Mgmt (ID - 100)

b) Master records PD training/event mgmt (ID - 110)

c) Master records PD personnel development (ID - 120)

c) Master records PA withdrawn (ID - 150)

d) Master records PA inactive (ID - 151)

e) Master records PA retirees (ID - 152)

f) Master records PA active (ID - 153)

g) Master records PA employees calculated (ID - 157)

h) Master records PA benefits (ID - 170)

i) Master records PA compensation (ID - 175)

j) Pension Fund (CH)

Where do I start? Is there a list of functions that return the measurement data.

Thanks in advance.