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Reload method in design studio 1.6 it takes thrice as much time it takes to load method

Jun 14, 2017 at 01:31 PM


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Has anyone experienced that when using the reload datasource method to refresh a dashboard, that it takes three times as much it takes to load the data source.

Am using SAP Business Objects Design Studio 16.4.2. with universe datasource

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2 Answers

Tammy Powlas
Jun 14, 2017 at 03:45 PM

Hi Robert - what is your BI4.X SP version?

Perhaps consider updating to sp5 for Design Studio 1.6? See

I also recommend looking at profiling

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Thanks Tammy.

We are currently on BI4.2 platform SP3 Patch 6

I am also using profiling to measure the performance of the dashboard.

Loading the data source takes 7 secs, but the reload data source takes 13 secs


Hi Robert - is there a need to reload the data source?

I am struggling to find resources with universes to help troubleshoot this better.

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Hi Tammy

I really don't know of any other option to use to refresh the dashboard for any update data order than the reload function.

Thanks for the support

Mohd Fahad Jun 14, 2017 at 05:14 PM

Hi Robert -

I would check the following:-

  • Merge Prompt (this should be False)

If True that means you are firing-up more queries.

  • Any additional script right after 'DS_1.reloaddata(); ?

this will result into script conflict, eventually longer load time

Highly recommend 'PROFILING=X' mentioned by Tammy second link.

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Thanks Mohd

1. Merge prompt is False

2. Please see below script for the refreshing the dashboard

if (DD1_WC.getSelectedText() == "Shop Floor")


//Whole Shop Floor



TXT_OUTPUT.setText(DS_1_OUTPUT_SHOPFLOOR.getDataAsString("_gaR8oAozEeeruMYGh9zmQw", {}));

TXT_OUTPUT2.setText(DS_1_OUTPUT_SHOPFLOOR.getDataAsString("_gaR8oAozEeeruMYGh9zmQw", {}));

//set txt for previous shifts using dummy dropdown list



TXT_PERF_TARGET.setText(DS_5_PERFORMANCE_TARGET_SHOPFLOOR.getDataAsString("_dR5WsA1lEeesBdxrU57GDg", {}));




//Data for selected Work Center




TXT_OUTPUT.setText(DS_1_OUTPUT_WC.getDataAsString("_a8kVoFAiEeed55Y9dgPovA", {"_YpyasFAiEeed55Y9dgPovA":DD1_WC.getSelectedValue()}));

TXT_OUTPUT2.setText(DS_1_OUTPUT_WC.getDataAsString("_a8kVoFAiEeed55Y9dgPovA", {"_YpyasFAiEeed55Y9dgPovA":DD1_WC.getSelectedValue()}));

//set txt for previous shifts using dummy dropdown list


TXT_PERF_TARGET.setText(DS_5_PERFORMANCE_TARGET_WC.getDataAsString("_d79ZoA1gEeesBdxrU57GDg", {"_G3dP0tdIEeaCR8GND9zxbg":DD1_WC.getSelectedValue()}));







Hi Robert,

Looks like you are firing-up 4 data source under if/else condition. Hence you see more load time.

Try this:-

Run each 4 data source separately with "reload" script and see which one is taking more time. Based on the one that is taking longer time, you can load that DS under background processing.

Another Option

Would be great if you can merge common variable/Prompts for you DS and take leverage of feature like 'Parallel processing on queries' or bucket DS by assigning 'processing group'. You will see significant performance boost. I implemented handling 70+ DS in past.

Please find links below.

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Thanks Mohd

I will try the options you suggested and get back to you.

I am suprised that the reload script is the same as the load script that takes 7 secs with the exception of the reload function


Hi Robert - I understand your concern how come same script is faster on load than that of re-calling within the application.

I'm pretty sure all 4 DS have load in script as "False" ? If that's true let me explain what is happening here.

Reason for faster DS-turn-back

All 4 data-source with "FALSE" are already loaded before we land into Application, once the user launch the application from BI-Platform. Only Prompts parameter (if you have prompts) are getting passed to the loaded DS If no Prompt than still DS are already loaded pre-cached.

Where as invoking the script 'reload' needs to refreshed or reloaded, that contributes increased time.

However having said that, i believe if we run the 4-DS separately, we can narrow down on DS taking more time to load hence affecting others.

You can also check on Browser. Run on Chrome too and see if there is a difference. Check below on IE 10 or higher.

I would encourage to use "PROFILING=X", this will pin-point the cause behind Performance.

scn-ie-add-on.png (47.8 kB)