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Apr 12, 2007 at 11:52 AM

How File/FTP Adapter processes the archives


Hi forum,

I have the following doubt:

We have the following scenario:

a File/FTP Adapter takes archives of a path to process them. The Poll Interval is in msecs.

The back-end SAP write two archives in the same msec

(for example: FILE_01_20070412_13:37:00-001 & FILE_02_20070412__13:37:00-001; [name_sequential_yyyymmdd_hh:mm:ss-msecs]),

<b>Which of the 2 files process first?</b>

The reason for this doubt is because we must create a scenario in order to that of a same directory the back-end will leave 2 types of archives, but one must be processed before that the other. <i>Any idea?</i>

Kind regards.