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Apr 12, 2007 at 10:48 AM

Joining similar fields with different names in a multicube


Hello all!

I have a multicube which already affects 8 infocubes (loaded) in Production, all infocubes related to one line of business. Now I need to add to my multicube 5 other cubes (also loaded), similar to the already affected ones, but from another line of business. At this point, I found the following difficulty: the field "version nr." exists in the old cubes and multicube with technical name N1 (for example) but in the infocubes I need to add, the same field has technical name N2. N1 and N2 have the same type NUMC4.

I need to map both fields to only field N1 in the infocube, but, for what I could see, in the Identification function the field N2 does not even appear to be mapped to N1.

How can I make this mapping? Or do I need to change field N2 to N1 in all 5 infocubes of the new line of business (with deleting and uploading all data) to solve the problem? Many thanks in advance... 😉