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Apr 12, 2007 at 07:31 AM

Incorrect results in query


Hi All,

I've created a calculatedKF named 'Asset Cost' which is a sum of 6 KFs.

I am using the same in my query as a 'New selection' with restriction based on a varaible on 'posting period'. Means if i give the posting period value as '8', i'll get the results only for posting period for this Calculated KF and not the sum of all posting periods.

Now the issue is that once when the users started querying the result was appearing double to them though the query definition remained the same i.e no changes made to CKF etc.

I regenerated the query as in RSRT or if i make some redundant changes to query(i.e putiing a characteristic out and then put in) the query once again gave the correct results.

Can anyone tell me how the query results got doubled as this happened to me again and again i had to regenerate the queries?Full points to be awarded.

It is to be noted that the users are using this calculated CKf in other queries with or without any restrictions on posting period.

Thanks in advance,