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Jun 14, 2017 at 10:44 AM

How to find cause too many workflow items in inbox



I'm new to SAP and have been tasked with trying to identify the cause of an issue in a non-production environment as a learning exercise

A couple of users complained that they had many thousands of workflow items in their inbox and they needed them all deleted just to clear their inboxes out

Trying to do this via SWWL timed out when trying to do this for all workflow items for any one of the users. I managed to delete them by running SWWL for different date ranges for each user separately, but this only found and deleted about a hundred in total per user

When checking via SWI5 I could see a few thousand items for one user but still could not find most of the items they were complaining about. SWI5 could only find 1/3 or less of the total

A colleague resolved the symptom by deleting the relevant records for the users using SE16 for table SWWUSERWI in another enviroment, however we still don't know what caused the issue.
Also I'm not sure if deleting the workflow items in this way will result in orphan records being left behind in other tables

So I've been trying to find the cause in an environment where they haven't been cleared out yet

Trying to track back the workflow items to find a cause, I found the following post by searching Q and A:

  • How to get the event id, starting from the workitem id. Go to SE16 and do a query on table SWWWIHEAD, filling the workitem id into the WI_ID field. In the record that's returned, look for the value in the TOP_WI_ID field. That is the workflow id. Go to SE16 and do a query on table SWFREVTLOG, filling the workflow id into RECKEY (padded to the left with zeroes till a length of 12). Maybe also fill 'WORKITEM' into field RECTYPEID and/or the workflow name ('WS....') into field RECTYPE, if you want to be sure. This should return a record with the event id that you want, in field EVENT_ID.

    Rick Bakker
    Hanabi Technology

But when I try to search for the RECKEY in table SWFREVTLOG using the TOP_WI_ID I looked up from table SWWIHEAD, it returns nothing

Any ideas on what I should look at next or possible causes of the issue?

Let me know if anything is unclear or if I'm missing something obvious or going about this in the wrong way

Thanks for your help