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Apr 11, 2007 at 02:53 PM

SolMan and multiple SAP customers


As a consultant, I'm in the middle of installing and configuring SolMan 4.0 for a client. This client is currently running many SAP systems as they have gone through a couple mergers over the past few months/years. As a result, they have multiple SAP Customer numbers.

Now when you enter the Global Settings for the system you only have the option of ONE "S" id which of course is associated with ONE customer. As a result certain functions, like Maintaining Service Connections, sychronizing data with the Support Portal and other things don't work correctly.

Is there any any way around this limitation? The customer is working with SAP to merge the contracts, and hence get all systems under one customer, but due to contact jurisdicational issues this could take a while 😉

What I need is either a way to put multiple "S" ids under the Global Settings (and of course have the system try them all until the function works) or be able to associate ONE "S" id with multiple customers. Is this possible?