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Connect design studio (from my laptop) to SAP ESP (on the sever)

Hello Everyone,

I am using design studio 1.6 with SAP ESP 5.1 SP11. When I am trying to connect to ESP project it works fine if I use design studio install on the same machine as SAP ESP. but When I am trying to using Design studio on my laptop to connect to project in my server it doesn't work

I have configured everything correctly. Like adding boe directory in ESP. wsp.bat file is always running. I am confident that I have configured this right cos locally I can connect design studio to vmap project.

Facing the issue only when using design studio installed on my laptop. Can anyone please tell me how should i troubleshoot or resolve this issue?



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  • You will need to provide a lot more detail in order for anyone to offer meaningful input. Tammy's question about a firewall is a good one. If you can provide the connection details you are using in both the successful connection between Design Studio and ESP on the same machine and the unsuccessful connection between Design Studio and ESP on separate machines it will help. Any error messages you are receiving would also be useful.

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    Jul 21, 2017 at 06:29 AM

    Hi Robert,

    Thanks a lot for the help through out. I can now confirm that the issue is resolved. I had to remove <allowOrigin>*</allowOrigin> from wsp.xml file.

    I used design studio installed on the server and that connected just fine to my native server view esps://ESP51.demo.local:19011. then I removed allow origin line from wsp.xml just to try, restarted wsp.bat and can successfully connect design studio from laptop to ESP model.

    Thanks yo so very much to help me with this and supporting me with patience for all of my questions. I am facing other issues but for that I will create another discussion.

    Thanks Happy.

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  • Jun 14, 2017 at 09:20 AM

    Could this be a firewall issue between your server and laptop? Is there a way for your network administrator to check this?

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    Jun 16, 2017 at 03:24 AM

    Thanks Tammy for getting back to me. on wsp.bat cmd screen i see request coming in. more over I have turned of all the firewalls as this is sandbox environment.

    the properties I am using are as bellow.

    This works fine when I use design on the same server. but I am not sure if I am suppose to use same properties when I connect design studio outside of the server.

    Thanks a lot again in advance.


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    • The good news is that the output is showing that WSP is starting and that the request from Design Studio is reaching the WSP. I believe the next issue is that the ESP cluster is expecting a secured connection ("esps"), whereas we had turned that off by changing the SslEnabled setting to "false".

      Since your ESP cluster is using SSL, can you try changing SslEnabled back to true?


      That parameter should be controlling the connection between the WSP and the ESP cluster.

      In contrast, the:



      <!-- use SSL ? -->

      parameters should be controlling whether the WSP is expecting HTTP versus HTTPS traffic from outside connections.

      Don't change those settings or the connection values in Design Studio for the moment as that portion of the connection appears to be working with the current settings.