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How to print multiple docs from Vl02N?

Jun 14, 2017 at 03:27 PM


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How do you print formats LDOO, ZDOO, and ZDBL (notice, bol, and delivery order) at one time?

Currently have to select printer for each then click through them again to print once saved. With a large number of orders, this causes unnecessary processing delays.

How do you print all once saved without the back and forth? One button print?

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Why are you printing manually in the first place? In most companies this is done either via a job or immediately after certain processing stage is reached - e.g. shipment completion, delivery goods issue.

Unless you work with pre-printed papers and you have just one printer, I cannot think of a good reason to print manually.

And why do you need to specify the printer every time?

There are various ways a printer can be determined - condition records, custom code, user data, etc.

I would strongly advise that you approach your functional consultant to understand what is the concept for output determination in your company and then request a bit of automation, if possible - at least the printer determination part could be skipped with appropriate settings.

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Veselina Peykova

This is all very new to me and I'm trying to figure out if there are more streamlined processes that could be used. I'm not sure what you're referring to as a "job"? What does that mean?

Would also like to know what you mean by "pre-printed papers". These docs are printed first, before any other stage is completed. It IS going to one printer; one printer, but differing docs (is that what "pre-printed" refers to? Templates?).

What I want to know is HOW to do the things you're mentioning. If I know exactly what should be happening, I'll be better prepared to request it does.


Pre-printed papers are forms with part of the information already present before you print e.g.:

This is more typical for invoices, customs documents and transportation-related papers. If there is a legal requirement in the country, which requires the usage of different forms and you have a single printer, there is not much automation, that you can achieve if you have to switch papers by hand. Still, it is possible at least to set the correct default printer and not enter it manually each time. For example, your consultant can specify, that when you create invoices and delivery notes, they are issued to the printer in your room, but when your colleague prints invoices - they will be printed from the printer in his office.

These docs are printed first, before any other stage is completed. 

This is probably not entirely true - with transportation module this usually is done at shipment completion after picking is finished (goods issue in background at shipment completion), without transportation module you issue delivery notes after goods issue is done.

By 'job' I meant background jobs, in your case this means running one or several programs with specific selections at predefined times, which result in documents printed at a later time. This is particularly useful, when you have a large volume of documents - e.g. you and your colleagues create documents all day, you use the same printer, nothing is printed immediately, when you come back on the next day in the morning - all documents from the previous day are printed. Background jobs are also capable of preforming billing in an automated way - instead of you you running VF04, at the end of the day a scheduled job does that for you, then the documents can be printed also automatically.

None of this can be done by a business user and the best approach depends on too many variables, which is why I suggested, that you discuss the situation with your local support team.

And you really need to ask your supervisor to provide you with access to training documentation - I usually handle workshops and training sessions with the business on this topic, most likely others do that, too. The majority of your current and future questions can be answered by reading whatever the implementation team has provided as training materials/decision papers.

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Thank you. This at least gives me a point of reference with what I need to hone in on. And your guess was right, they are 'pre-printed' documents.

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G Lakshmipathi
Jun 14, 2017 at 03:31 PM

Have you not come across VL71 ? Please search Google before posting such repeated queries

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Obviously this was searched beforehand and VL71 is of no help in this instance. When attempted, an error message is received. Are you going to be of assistance or just the Google parrot?


What is here obviously if you do not write it? Nobody can from here look on your screen and into your mind.

Even worse if you receive an error message and also hide this information.

By the way, you responded to the moderator of this tag who helped several thousand people in the last 10 years with his knowledge.

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I suppose he needs to improve his "bed-side manner" then.

If I'm coming to the SAP community directly, it's because the information required was not available to me outside of it.

Regardless, for an Answer and Question section, condescension is not needed. You have no idea the level of understanding someone is starting out at.

As a newb, I'm clawing in the dark attempting to get direction. That is what "community" is for; direction, assistance, discussion, knowledge.


Had you indicated that you already searched Google, I would not have asked you. Dont assume that everybody can read your mind and give inputs accordingly. When you post some query in SCN and expects inputs from members, you are suppose to share as much details as you can and what efforts you put in to find out solution to your issue.

That is what "community" is for; direction, assistance, discussion, knowledge.

Yes of course but at the sametime, OP should also put some efforts as a part of SCN RoE. Better go through that before posting further queries.