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Sick Leave Accrual Rounding Issue

Jun 13, 2017 at 08:23 PM


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Hi there,

I have created Sick Leave quota with validity period from Hire date to 12/31/9999. The Accrual is per Pay Period (Bi-weekly) based on prorated Constant 40 hours. The quota is generated with standard configuration. I have tried to create rounding rule in V_T559R but it doesn't work. I cannot utilize max entitlement field (40) as the quota grows every year.

I also cannot put fix hours Lower Limit 40 and Higher Limit 40.04 Target 40 as it grows and used every year.

Any suggestion would be highly appreciated.


Thank you,


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Dear Experts,

Do you have any suggestion to my question/issue?

I wrote a custom PCR on the last day of the year to round off the Total Entitlement from 40.04 to 40.0. but when I viewed the result, the result was rounded to 40 as expected. However, the absence quota generated in QUOTA was not replaced with 40, but it got updated to 40.04+40.00= 80.04 :(

I'm not able to replace the existing quota 40.04 with the correct rounded quota 40.0. I am using constant 40 for Base Entitlement so no time type assigned to the quota.

Please help!

Thank you,


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Brendan Gibbons Jun 14, 2017 at 08:26 AM


What we did in a similar situation was not to have one quota record with high date but rather roll over the balance each 12 months (automatically via PCRs) to a new Quota record valid for the next 12 months. (much tidier as the figures do not grow bigger and bigger)

To cater for the MAX cap of allowable quota we utilised user exit EXIT_SAPLHRLV_005 (Enhancement HRPTIM03 ). This allows you adjust the max entitlement.


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Hi Brendan,

I agree the new record yearly basis is much cleaner way and I have done same with Vacation quotas as we also have limited vacation carry-forward quota bucket. However, the new record would not resolve the total entitlement rounding rule.

I thing User Exit is better solution than PCR to resolve rounding issue.

Thank you for the advise.


Thamina Chandler Jun 14, 2017 at 10:02 PM

I chose to go with the enhancement user exit EXIT_SAPLHRLV_005 (Enhancement HRPTIM03) per Brendan's suggestion. I changed the generated/transferred accrual from 2 decimal to 1 decimal point on the last pay period of the fiscal year which resolved the rounding issue.

Thank you Brendan for your help!


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