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Link CO and FI Document for payroll document from HR not working

Dear Gurus,

we use the standard ALE interface from HCM to FI (separate systems).

Now, for our payroll documents we detected that the link between CO and FI document is not working properly. When I am in my accounting document and choose 'Environment' -> 'Document Environment' and 'Accounting Documents' the link works and I get my controlling document.

When I choose the item in KSB1 (cost center line item) and choose 'Environment' -> 'Accounting Documents' I also get my accounting document.

But when I just do a double click on the respective item/line in KSB1 I get a RFC destination error as SAP wants to open the document in HR system. COBK-LOGSYSTEM and BKPF-AWSYS both contain the HR system. I am not sure if this is correct in this case or not, as it is a standard ALE.... can you tell me is this normal and correct or should we somehow delete or change the fields COBK-LOGSYSTEM and BKPF-AWSYS? More than that also the field COBK-REFBN does not contain the BKPF-BELNR but the original document number of the payroll run in HCM...

And do you know why the link works when I use the menu,but not with the normal double click?

Thanks in advance!


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