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SAP HANA AFM: Result table missing upper and lower confidence limits in certain PAL functions

Hi all,

We are currently working with PAL through the AFM within HANA Studio, we currently use SPS 12 and the appropriate version of both the AFL and also HANA Studio.

While using the AFM we have noticed that the output of certain algorithms do not contain the upper and lower confidence limits, as provided by SPS 12. For example, we have a model that uses single exponential smoothing where the result table does not initially show the confidence limits. On top of this, if you add the fields into the results table, the AFM returns an error stating that their are too many attributes for the function selected.

I have tried running the same scenario through SQL scripts and this allows you to generate the confidence limits as you would expect, so I am trying to establish whether this is an issue with the AFM, HANA Studio, or me! :)



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