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I want to replicate organisation structure tree of pposa screen?

Hi Experts,

I want to replicate organisation structure tree of pposa screen in my

application. Now my requirement is I need all organisation units and their

respective sub units in a tree.

These are Deatails of our Requirement .

I want to show Tree just like tree that is shown by Tcode pposa .

It looks something like this


Root Organization Unit

> Org_A >> finance_dept

>> IT_dept

>> Markting Dept

> Org_B

> Org_C

> Org_D

                                                                                                                          Now I want to know which table and which specific field in it stores these things

                                                                                                                          in SRM . I have already gone through tables HRP1000 and HRP1001 .

                                                                                                                          Now I want to find which Objid corresponds to org unit (i.e. Org_a , Org_b ).

                                                                                                                          and which corresponds to internal org units under it (i.e. finance_dept ,

                                                                                                                          IT_dept , Marketing Dept ).

                                                                                                                          Also how can I find out sub organisation unit of particular Org unit.

                                                                                                                          Is there any standard SRM report available to view the existing organisation


                                                                                                                          I need standard function modules to show this.

                                                                                                                          Points will be rewarded.



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                                                                                                                          2 Answers

                                                                                                                          • Apr 11, 2007 at 09:14 AM


                                                                                                                            You will find standard report for org structure in the following thread :


                                                                                                                            Kind regards,


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                                                                                                                            • Hi,

                                                                                                                              Here are the HR reports in SRM50 :

                                                                                                                              RE_RHXEXI00 - Existing STRUCTURE

                                                                                                                              RE_RHXSTR00 - Only Organizational Units

                                                                                                                              RE_RHXSTR01 - With positions

                                                                                                                              RE_RHXSTR02 - With persons

                                                                                                                              RE_RHXSTR03 - With work centers

                                                                                                                              RE_RHXEXI02 - Existing JOB

                                                                                                                              RE_RHXEXI03 - Existing POSITION

                                                                                                                              RE_RHXSTR05 - reporting structure without persons

                                                                                                                              RE_RHXSTR04 - reporting structure with persons

                                                                                                                              RE_RHXSTR06 - work center Per Organizational Unit

                                                                                                                              RE_RHNAVIG0 - general Structure navigation

                                                                                                                              Kind regards,


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                                                                                                                            Former Member
                                                                                                                            Apr 11, 2007 at 09:23 AM


                                                                                                                            Please try this ->

                                                                                                                            <b>SRM Organizational Reports



                                                                                                                            <u>SAP Standard Reports ->

                                                                                                                            Transaction - RE_RHXSTR00 [Organizational unit -> Organizational structure -> Only org. units]

                                                                                                                            Transaction - RE_RHXSTR02 [ Organizational unit -> Organizational structure -> With persons ]</u>


                                                                                                                            SRM Standard Report name ----

                                                                                                                            RHXSTR00                       Organizational Structure                                       
                                                                                                                            RHXSTR01                       Organizational Structure with Positions                        
                                                                                                                            RHXSTR02                       Organizational Structure with Persons                          
                                                                                                                            RHXSTR03                       Organizational Structure with Work Centers                     
                                                                                                                            RHXSTR04                       Report Structure with Persons                                  
                                                                                                                            RHXSTR05                       Report Structure Without Persons                               
                                                                                                                            RHXSTR06                       Work Centers per Organizational Unit                           
                                                                                                                            RHXSTR07                       Activity Profile for Positions Along Organizational Structure  
                                                                                                                            RHXSTR08                       Activity Profile of Positions with Persons Along Org. Structure

                                                                                                                            <u>Incase it does not suits your requirements, then you need to go for Custom report (Bespoke development - by referring to any of the standard

                                                                                                                            SRM reports logic)</u>

                                                                                                                            Please refer these links.





                                                                                                                            Hope it will definitely help. Do let me know incase you need any help.


                                                                                                                            - Atul

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