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can anbody through some light on MB1B t code

thanks and regards


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5 Answers

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    Apr 11, 2007 at 07:44 AM

    Hi Ramesh,

    Transfer Posting of Materials (MB1B)


    This transaction will be used by plants that stock/store materials. This transaction will give the user the capability to issue materials from one plant and place them in another plant, move materials from one storage location to another storage location within a plant, and reassign a material to a new material master within a plant.

    use for transferring material:

    Plant to Plant - Stock transfer consist of a "Goods Issue" from an issuing point and a "Goods Receipt" at a receiving plant. You can post a stock transfer from plant to plant either in one step or two steps.

    Storage location to Storage Location within a Plant - Allows for inventoried material(s) to be moved from one storage location to another storage location.

    Go Thr Below Link for more info:

    Reward if it helps



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    Apr 11, 2007 at 09:21 AM

    Hi Balaji,

    Nice meeting you.


    This in Stock Transfers within Plant does the functions as listed below

    Perform Goods Movement from Unrestricted Stock To Blocked Stock

    Perform Goods Movement from Blocked Stock To Unrestricted Stock

    Perform Goods Movement from Blocked Stock To Stock In Quality Inspection

    Perform Goods Movement from Stock In Quality Inspection To Unrestricted Use

    Transfer Material to Material

    Or in other words we can say: Transfer posting - move stock to stock transport order

    Transaction MB1B is used to perform tranfer postings and stock transfers. Stock transfers refer to physical movement where as in transfer posting physical movements of goods is not involved.

    eg: transfer posting from material to material (309).

    transfer posting from stock to stock (321,343,349).

    stock transfer from plant to plant (301).

    stock transfer from sloc to sloc (311).

    In the above postings if the valuation change is involved then an accounting document is generated.

    Transaction mb1c is used for other goods receipts. That is say for a goods receipt w/o reference to PO.

    MB1B - Transfer posting is used when there is a change in Stock ID or stock category of a material. There is no need for the actual (physical) movement of goods.

    if the stock is not consumables I hope we use MB1B

    Transfer posting = If you are involved with inventory, then you need the GR/IR account (Inventory Account) when the IR is posted. If you are not involved about inventory, then the system does not need the GR/IR account when the IR is posted, the system needs a G/L instead of the GR/IR account.

    Feel free to ask if you are not clarified..





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    • Former Member

      Hi ak

      Hi every one,

      good after we have 4 plants under one company code ie 01,02,03,04 in this 4 plants 03 and 04 are completely export oriented,

      now i want to restrict the goods transfer between these plants like

      01---02 -


      02 01 --


      01 03 --

      not accepted

      01 04 --

      not accepted

      02 03 --

      not accepted

      02 04 --

      not accepted





      01 01 --




      here i try to restrict these by using moment type 301 for 01 and 02 and 311,542 for all 4 plants but its not restricted...

      ie i want to transfer the stock from all plant to distributor or vendor

      and at the same time transfer to 01and 02,02-01 and at the same time not transfer to 03-02,03-01,04-01,04-02 and vice versa

      i tried by using 2 movement types one is 301 for 01 and 02 plant and the other one 541 this is for all plants 01,02,03,04.

      for this i tried it in 2 ways

      1)i create 2 independent roles and maintain these 2 objects normally due to iam not assigning movement type 301 to the plants 03 and 04 the user not suppose to transfer the stock form 01-03, 01-04,02-03,02-04 and vice versa but these all possible here when i attach the other role to the same user where i maintain the movement type 541.

      2) i attach these 2 roles separately to 2 different users and tried it then the restriction is possible iam not clear where the exact problem and why the movement types is not restricted when i assign a single user?

      pls respond me ASAP,



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    Former Member
    Apr 11, 2007 at 09:34 AM

    This transaction is used for Transfer posting between:

    Plant to Plant

    Storage location to Sotrage location

    Material to Material

    It can be either physical trnasfer of material from one place to another(like plant to plant) or stock transfer from one kind of stock to another i.e no physical stock movements involved (like from unrestricted to block stock).

    These different kinds of goods movement is based on movement type. Once you enter this transaction code then you can find out the different kinds of movement types in menu path Movement type.

    This transaction can be used for the reversal of these goods movement too.

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    Apr 11, 2007 at 10:29 AM

    As mentioned by other responders, MB1B is an Transaction Code for Transfer Posting.

    Transfer Posting refers to movement of material from one location to another. In SAP it is captured through Transfer Posting. In Transfer Posting, we require to know the appropriate movement type & its impact.


    Rajesh Banka

    Reward points if helpful.

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  • Jan 23, 2008 at 10:09 AM

    Dear Ramesh

    In MB1B, there are some 126 movement types are there and each and every movement type will have their own significance.

    To name a few, we can make stock transfer of materials from plant to plant (movement type 301), transfer posting quality inspection to unrestricted (movement type 321), transfer posting quality to quality within plant (movement type 323) etc.,


    G. Lakshmipathi

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