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Query for BOs with date within period information

Dear community,

I would need to preselect the query result for an OVS by a period Information on the BO.

The OVS is for a custom BO that contains two fields PeriodStart:Date and PeriodEnd:Date.

I need to preselect the OVS-Query result by a particular timestamp that must be within PerodStart and PeriodEnd.

Selection: PeriodStart <= DATEINPUT && PeriodEnd >= DATEINPUT

I pass the variable DATEINPUT as a Parameter into the OVS. In the OVS-Query definition I cannot define variable values for the default set. The only thing that I can do is to define constant values or to create a field transformation for the default set Parameter. But field transformations do not allow to pass dynamic Parameters in this context either.

Does someone know how to solve this issue? It would be great if someone can give me a hint, how to solve this.

Kind regards,


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  • Dear community,

    we are still facing this issue. This is based on quite critical requirement of our customer, and I think their might be no solution for that in the UI Designer.

    To sum up my issue, we would need to define dynamic quera paremeter definition with selection type "GreaterEquals" and "LessEquals".

    In the UI Designer you can define the query parameters field value, that will be handled as a "Equals" query parameter.

    On the other hand we can define constant values for query parameters with selection type "GreaterEquals" and "LessEquals" on the default set. Additionally we would be able to use a transformation so define the value, but the transformations are limited to constant Input Parameters too.

    It would be great if it would be possible to pass an Input field from inport of the OVS to the query parameters with "LessEquals" selection type. Does someone know how to solve this?

    Kind regards,


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