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Apr 11, 2007 at 06:55 AM



Hello All-

To search for a BADI, I know the following methods.

1. Go to the tcode for which a BADI is to be searched > system >status >go to ABAP program >search for CL_EXITHANDLER--> you will get all call functions to BADIs. Select BADIs.

2. Using some code to fetch for BADIs for a tcode.

My question is: Using the first method, I am getting just 3 BADIs for a tcode (ME11), whereas if I use code, I am getting 51 BADIs. So, my question is, cant we use the first method to get all BADIs? why is then it displays only 3. What are other methods to find a BADI apart from using a ABAP program? please reply.