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Apr 11, 2007 at 06:29 AM

Business Objects


How can we find in which table the data of business object is stored?

For Example: In transaction SWO2, we see tree of Business Objects( BO ) of SAP.Now, on Drilling down on Sales and Distribution node we see further subnodes.Click on Sales , further on Sales Order, Further on CustomerOrder.Double click on it takes to another page displaying object type and its details. now click open attributes node, double click on CustomerOrder.SoldToParty we see a pop up window telling in which table the data of this BO will be saved.

I need a generalized table from where i can retrieve , which BO data is saved into which table , for almost all the BO's in SAP.

I need to Monitor the data of all BO's , that is why i need to know the tables.

Please Reply.Its Urgent.

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