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Apr 11, 2007 at 02:14 AM

BEX Broadcasting ..... why mail not sent ?


hi expert,

i have a problem in broadcasting report via mail.

i have scheduled to broadcast 4 report which report will be sent to 5 receipient with its own parameter / variant.

total mail to be sent with its report is 20 mails.

the problem is some time only certain mail is sent or event just certain report is sent.

i have check the process throught t-code RSRD_LOG and no error found in all scheduled broadcasting process. but if i check in t-code SOST, just certain broadcasting mail is in the list.

is there anything that i miss ?

or is there any authorization that is not set for the user who scheduled the broadcasting ?

about authorization, is there any guide what authorization code need to be given to user who schedule the broadcasting ?

please help