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Former Member
Apr 11, 2007 at 01:59 AM

Multiple Transaction with Fully Rolled Back


Hi there,

I've the scenario for a project that require multiple transaction as a subsequent process. I'll have one RFC Function Module that wrap multiple BAPI inside there. This RFC will be publish as a webservice and will be consumed by .NET application.

The problem that I've, the subsequent process will depend each other. For the example : Create SO, Purch Requisition, and with Reference to PR, I need to create the PO. So I need to commit the transaction for Sales Order creation before I can't continue to create the purchase order.

If there is a problem during the creation of PO, the Sales Order already committed to the database and I can't roll it back.

Any suggest, how I can handle this situation with concept of Complete the whole transaction and not at all if there is an error for one of the transaction.

Thanks in advance for any help.