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Apr 10, 2007 at 08:22 PM

OPS$, Schema Owner and dbs_ora_schema env variable.


HI All.

Have a situation where we've copied a system from one location to another using an online backup. The database is up and running (open) and lookin good.

However, when I goto start SAP, I get a ORA-1403 and ORA-1017 error on startup. As best as I can tell, the OPS$ mechanism created for the base system (before the online restore) is using SAPSID as the owner. However, the schema owner from the database we used for the recovery is SAPR3.

Now when the system goes to logon, OPS$ is looking to fetch SAPSID as the schema owner, but the effective schema owner is SAPR3. Rerunning the oradbusr. sql script as per note 361641 does not change anything.

<b>Issue is related to the environment variable "dbs_ora_schema" - it is currently set to SAPSID, but I need to change it to SAPR3. Can someone offer the proper syntax to change this value in AIX 5.3?</b>




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