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Which and where is a .net compatible SDK for Universes and Webi documents?

We are finding it difficult to wade through all of the online documentation and locate definitive answers, examples and the correct direction ( Restful API or .net compatible SDK ) for accessing meta-data within Business Objects Universes ( UNX ) and Web Intelligence ( Webi ) documents.

From everything we have found or tried so far, it seems like the Resful API is the future direction, but these also seem limited in functionality, not giving us access to the type of meta data we require for our change impact analysis tool. We need to be able to extract the actual SQL queries, underlying database fields referenced, formulas/code used to transform or filter the data used by the Universe ( or Webi ), etc.

Our application is written in and ideally we would like a .net SDK if one exists? If a .net SDK does not exist, but a Java one does, we just need to know specifically where we can download the correct connector to provide access to the type of meta data we need from for these two BI platform products? If necessary, for example, we may need to use a Java SDK along with a wrapper or interop to .net ... or alternatively, to dump some some of XML document that can then be consumed and parsed by a custom .net extension we build to access the type of meta-data we require.

Any guidance is much appreciated ... we have spent days trying to find an answer through our own online research but have had no success so far!

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    Jun 13, 2017 at 11:47 PM

    Hi Ken,

    Your assumption is correct in that the RESTful SDK is the best option going forward. For Webi it is fairly fully featured with enhancements added to support packages ongoing.

    the Web intelligence .NET sdk is not available in BI4.x versions and a limited (mainly read-only) java SDK for webi is available and supported, but will not have new features added going forward.

    The Webi RESTful SDK should meet your requirements above. The APIs are listed at the beginning of the documentation in tables showing which version of the product the API was introduced.

    You can get the Report specification and dataprovider specification and return the queries

    Some of this is also returned by the Semantic Layer restful apis in the same help file I linked above.

    For the actutal referenced underlying database fields, you will need to use the Semantic Layer Java SDK which is a Java-only sdk and mimics the functionality of the Information Design Tool.

    If your universes are all older (UNV rather than UNX) then there is the COM Universe Designer SDK which is older and can be used in .NET by importing the Designer.exe into your .NET project, but the newer semantic layer in BI4.x is the best choice going forward.

    Semantic Layer Developer Guide

    Semantic Layer Java API reference

    Hopefully this information helps guide you in the right direction,


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    • Thanks Dan!

      We will proceed using the mix of the Java SDK for Universes ( UNX ) semantic layer as we only require read access.

      For Webi, we will go with the Rest API as suggested.