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Restricting Reversal of PGI after billing

Jun 12, 2017 at 11:18 AM


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hi All,

we are using item category with G -Order-related billing of the delivery quantity. system is allowing to do reversal of PGI after creating Invoice far i know as standard behavior system shouldn't allow. can u plz suggest where is the control and how to restrict reversal of PGI after billing has been done



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Veselina Peykova
Jun 12, 2017 at 12:07 PM

I don't think, that your understanding of billing relevance = 'G', is correct.

Deliveries, which contain items, that are relevant for order-related billing on delivery quantity, have FKSTK = ' ' - not relevant, which you can easily guess by the fact, that you bill the order, not the delivery in VF04.

I checked in a rather old system, but I find it unlikely, that the standard behavior of VL09 has changed in this aspect in newer versions.

The really important question is 'why users are reversing goods issue in the first place'. Were dates incorrect or something else happened?

Reversals are always considered as exceptional cases, and in a project, where we used the same billing relevance as our main approach, there were very clear rules on reversal procedures.

Before or instead of adjusting the system response, have you considered raising the awareness of following the procedures with the business owners? Especially in countries with specific localizations this is usually a good move.

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thanks for response .

the problem is user want to reverse PGI of some other delivery which is not yet invoiced . but he mistakenly given another delivery number in VL09 which is already invoiced . so the requirement is " system should not allow user to reverse PGI if invoice in created". I believe using user exit we can achieve it . but just want to know, is there any standard setting is there do the same.


As far as I know - there is no configuration setting for this and you will need to get budget approval for development, if users make such mistakes too often.

Usually reversal authorizations in Production is granted to just a few power users, who have sufficient time and knowledge to check carefully each document before clicking 'Reverse'.

Some of them find transaction ALO1 very handy, because it lets you see the whole document flow, including billing, no matter if it is order- or delivery-related. Maybe you can show it to the power user as an interim solution until you get the enhancement working as expected.

G Lakshmipathi
Jun 12, 2017 at 01:19 PM
but he mistakenly given another delivery number in VL09 which is already invoiced

In standard, unless you cancel the billing document, you cannot reverse the PGI. In your case, if that is happening, then, it is for sure that some exit in place which has not been coded properly.

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