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Replication of one promary to 3 socindary databases

Jun 09, 2017 at 08:42 PM


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Hi Gurus

I`m working in build a replication with MSA. I plan to replicate one primary dataserver.database in three diferents dataservers.databases.
Do I require 3 different replication definitions for each subscription, or can I use 3
different subscriptions subscribed to a single replication definition?

If both, which may be the best?

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Mark A Parsons Jun 09, 2017 at 09:32 PM

If you plan to replicate the same exact activity (DDL, tables, procs, system procs, transactions) to all 3x RDBs then you only need a single DB repdef; you'll still need 3x DB subscriptions (1 for each RDB) but they can all reference the same DB repdef.

If you plan to vary the activity replicated to each RDB then you'll want to create separate DB repdefs for each set of activity (eg, DDL + tables + procs + no system procs + transactions; no DDL + subset-of-tables + procs + system procs + transactions; etc); you'll still create 3x DB subscriptions (1 for each RDB) but they'll reference the different DB repdefs (to match the activity you wish to replicate into each RDB).

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As always Mark has some excellent feedback.

Personally I would prefer the second more modular option.

It involves some extra work upfront but as DBA + RS Admin it gives you more flexibility if requirements change.