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Hybris Marketing: Creating Custom Audience at Facebook Ads

Hi, this is Dara Hea from Cloud LoB Customer team, Korea.

I’m currently working on Hybris Marketing(on-prem, 1702) project and mainly engaged in Facebook ad campaign.

I tried to make and run Facebook ad campaign on my own using ANT server. I created a new campaign whose category to be Facebook Ads and assigned a target group. Then, I added action to create Facebook Custom Audience and assigned my Facebook Ads account to the campaign. What I needed to do afterward was assign my ID as a OAuth 2.0 Client ID.

As you can see above, one ID was already assigned in ANT server.

I tried to create another one but cannot find Facebook in the drop down list under Client Profile.

I want to know how I can assign my ID to OAuth 2.0 Client ID to create custom audience at Faceboook. For so doing, I think I need to be clear about following questions:

- For a client server, can only one OAuth 2.0 Client ID be assigned?

- If so, should the assigned OAtuh 2.0 Client ID authorize other ad accounts to make custom audience at Facebook? How?

- If not, how can I assign my ID to make custom audience at Facebook?

- Or, can you guys give me a test tenant information other than ANT, so that I can try making custom audience at Facebook?

thank you in advance for reviewing and answering my question :)

Best Regards,

Dara Hea

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