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Apr 10, 2007 at 05:36 AM

how to pass values from one view to another view in PDK


Hi, all I am using APC to develop an application. I my APC i am having two views. one is <b>home page view</b> and the other is <b>details view</b>. now i declared a parameter in portalapps.xml, say <b>Entity</b>. this value will be coming from the corrrosponding iView in the portal. this portalapps.xml is having two components namely, homepagecomponent and details page component. when the user clicks on homepage link, he should be navigated to details page. i am not having any problem in navigation.

problem is ... this <b>Entity</b> can take values as "School, College, Office" so if the value selected in the iView is School, this should be passed to my 2nd view.

I am geting this value in the first view, i.e., Home page view. I am trying to pass this value through "session", but i am getting portal runtime error..

Any body please tell me how to pass this value through session or by any other means...