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Apr 10, 2007 at 05:32 AM

Conceptual questions


hello experts,

since i am new to MDM, there are a few doubts i would like to clear

these apply to particular scenarios

1) I have two different R/3 systems

two records are present, one in each system

in the real world, both these refer to the same data

they are merged in MDM - some attributes are changed in both the records

now, what happens on syndication ?

eg: if the names were different originally, what gets reflected back ?

2) I have one R/3 system

it has two different records which are similar in the real world

these records are matched and merged in MDM

what happens on syndication ?

will there be one record or two and what will be the key field of this record(s) ?

3) I have one R/3 system

suppose i send 100 MATMAS IDocs to MDM via XI

a. suppose I create 20 more matmas records, can i only send these 20 at a later point of time, if so, how do i choose these 20 ?

b. suppose I change some of the original 100 records in R/3 before MDM syndicates them back, will there be inconsistency when i syndicate those old records back ? If not, how does SAP avoid it ?