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Apr 10, 2007 at 01:53 AM

Extraction Error : Time limit exceeded


Dear All,

I'm currently work in BW 7.03 and I want to extract some data from table in R/3, week by week (1 request means 1 week and I want to extract 12 weeks)

First request contains 3506 record, it's ok.

Second request 6013 record, it's ok.

Third request 7774 record, it's ok.


Ten request 3502 record, it's ok.

But when go to next request, I got the error message :

"Time limit exceeded. No return of the split processes."

Can everybody had been seen this error message in extraction?

What have I already do :

- Check my tablespace, it's ok.

- Check max number of records in every package, shows 20000.

(I'm trying to set bigger and bigger but still stack in this error again)

- I'm trying to extract day by day (split extraction) to reduce the record,

still no hope.

- Check number of records in table in R/3 which should be extracted to BW, it's only 3230!

Can everybody help me please?

Thank you,