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prevent me from making U.D until I finish short text in the inspection lot

Jun 13, 2017 at 03:09 PM


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When I am inspecting a lot sometimes I forget to write a short text. I complete the results and save the U.D and then find out I can't go back and edit the short text. If you forget the results it doesn't allow you to complete the U.D. It would be nice if it did the same for the inspection lot short text as well. When creating a lot I am notified to complete results during inspection before making a UD. Can you set up SAP be notify yourself if you forget to complete inspection lot short text as well

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Can I get an answer on this one, been waiting a long time and no responses.


Hello Daniel,

May i ask you to provide some more information about your query? I couldn't able to understand which SAP technology/solution your issue could be related to? Can you share details about it so that i can assign to right tags and experts can help you in this regard.


JK (Moderator)

PS: I am still keeping your query under 'SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services' tag, once you share more details about your query, i will update it accordingly.


It's under Worklist for Inspection Lots (QA32) create a short text for inspection lot, then you record results and make a usage decision. What happens is if I don't add short text and I make the usage decision I can't go back in and add text. It doesn't allow you to. But, if it gave you a warning to enter your short text in or even prevented you from closing it with a UD then at least you could go in and add text.

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