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Jun 13, 2017 at 11:41 AM


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Hi Experts,

Please help me with the below:

I have created a custom FPM OVP component through which I am calling HR Process form which is standard form. I would need to send few details from my Custom FPM OVP application to the HR Form(OVP Configuration only). For this, I have used the Single Ton class aproach but this approach is not working.

I am unable to send the data from my Custom OVP application to the HR Process form.

Please help me with a way to achieve this requirement.



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Please don't post duplicate questions, you posted this a few days ago.

Instead, why not update your original question with the things you've done or tried since then or any progress you've made.

Sometimes the question is not clear, and additional description helps. Sometimes nobody has the answer.

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