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Can't set Due Date through DI API when trying to add A/R Correction Invoice

I have a A/R Invoice with dates like this:

Docdate: 2017.04.20
DocDueDate: 2017.05.05
TaxDate: 2017.04.20
VatDate: 2017.04.20

I'm trying to add a correction invoice from it, but when I set either the DocDueDate or the "ExtraDays" field from DI API, it won't do nothing:

Calendar newDueDate = Calendar.getInstance();
newDueDate.add(Calendar.DAY_OF_MONTH, 12); correction.setDocDueDate(newDueDate.getTime());

After I add the document, the docduedate on the new invoice is 15 extra days, like on the original Invoice.

Docdate: 2017.06.12
DocDueDate: 2017.06.27 (???)
TaxDate: 2017.06.12
VatDate: 2017.06.12

Is this a DI API problem, or do I need to set somehting else?

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