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Jun 12, 2017 at 09:52 AM

Planned Order Dates based on WBS-element?


Hi all,

At our customer here, we are trying to set up an engineer-to-order flow by using the PS-module but I'm still having some questions about the planned order dates.

In the WBS-element we enter on what day the 'module' should be finished and a number of 'assembly' days. This would mean that at the 'start' date of the WBS-element, all the pieces/components that have to be produced or bought should be ready and available for use.

Now i'm wondering if it is possible to use the standard within SAP to copy the 'Start Date' of the WBS-element into the subordinate Planned Orders (of a specific MRP-controller, ...).

Thank you for helping me out with this question!

Kind Regards,