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Apr 05, 2007 at 10:20 PM

How to? (Solman Unit Testing)


While I post in here, I do not get answers for 80% of the questions.. hope someone will really be able to answer this.

this is a "method" related question..

in BPH we have 3 levels (as you know). we are planning to have test packages created at the level 3 - in process steps.

I have 2 questions ⚠️

Q1 ) After I create the test package in the process steps, and lets say some one in the team go and update the process step with a new "z"transaction. Now, how can i get this transaction in to the testpackage? is there any "refresh" which brings this transaction to the test package? my worry is that, if some one adds a new transaction to the process step and if i dont know about it, this transaction will never be tested. Any clue to this issue?

Q2) I cannot find a solar_eval report to find transactions in process steps which are not added to test packages. Is there any report you know which i can run to get the list of transactions in process steps which are not assigned to test packages?

Plsssssss... any suggestions on this are welcome.

Thank You!