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Job interruption due to &Bad out request

I have run the MSJ1 transaction with BUS2032 (Sales Orders) but the job was interrupted with the following message:

&Bad out request (message nr. 14435)

after 5.330 seconds.

I cannot find any documentation about this message.

Could someone of you help?

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  • you are right, my question is not related with SAP Forum but I cannot find anymore the SAP communities among the SAP sites.

    you can delete this question


  • you are in the SAP community here. And I had already changed the tag to SD Sales.

    And what is now the tag SD Sales had existed in the previous platform as space called SD Sales, so the difference is not really big.

    Earlier you had to chose the space now you have to chose a tag.

    You enter 3 characters and get a proposal list. The more you enter the tinier gets the proposal list.

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