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Jun 13, 2017 at 08:53 AM

Unable to use post method in Odata Service in Eclipse



Dear Folks,

We have created the odata service using eclipse for one of our projects.

We have successfully created Odata services for GET method along with EXPAND and it's working as per expectation.

But when we are trying to use the POST method it's not working as per expectation.

Below is the process we followed.

1. First we create FM after that creating webservice and to genrate wsdl file then wsdl link tested on SOAP UI tool sucessfully given result.(Please refer image SoapTesting.Png)

2.we create odata service in eclipse and service depolyment on SMP Server. This is an integration gateway scenario . (Please refer image OdataModel.Png)

First we create odata model given soap service for create operation. In this create method for that we used request mapping and response mapping.(Please refer image RequestMapping1.png,RequestMapping2.png,RequestMapping3.png,ResponceMapping1.Png)

3.We used the paylod as in image payload.png.

4.But after that tested the link following error show as (Could not send Message):- ( Please refer image Error.Png.)


soaptesting.png (94.3 kB)
payload.png (90.8 kB)
requestmapping3.png (126.4 kB)
requestmapping2.png (111.1 kB)
requestmapping1.png (162.1 kB)
odatamodel.png (140.0 kB)