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Former Member
Apr 05, 2007 at 09:50 AM

What are people's thoughts about asking for reward points?



I see many people asking for reward points when they post an answer or reminding people to award points.

Surely this is not really encouraged.

Points are nice and if we have spent a lot of time on a question then I guess that it is some kind of a reward, but should we be asking for them whenever we post an answer?

I agree that it can be disappointing if you have provided a very thorough answer and spent a lot of time on a problem and then get no points awarded but surely that is life? However disappointing that is. (especially when the questioner replies with "thanks for the excellent detailed answer" and does not reward ANY points at all.

But wouldn't it be better to leave it up to people to do it unprompted.

This is just my view and I don't really mind either way but some people do seem to be more concerned about the points than providing the answer?

I am ready for some strong replies to this (disagreeing with me), but it is relevant to this particular forum to at least discuss this topic?

Points will be awarded for genuinely helpful answers so there is no need to remind me 😉

Steve B