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Apr 05, 2007 at 07:58 AM

How Can i Calculate The shortages against production or planned Order


Dear All

how can i get the shortages against production or plan order .

condition is Egg.----ITEM <b>X (available qty is 6000)</b>is using for three assembly .A,B,C

I have created one order For <b>A--5000 qty</b>. At this time <b></b> item x is reserve for Order Created Of A.

Now i have created one another order for<b> B--4000 qty</b>. then it would showing the shortage of 3000 Qty.

And same Order of <b>C Qty 5000</b> Material x would be showing the shortage


<b>Bcoz Shortage of 3000 is for B And Now i want only Shortage Of C.</b>

How can this procedure done.


Pankaj Agarwal