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Jun 12, 2017 at 01:34 PM


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I could not find a convincing SAP Note for TAXINN and JINFAC/JINDEPO for country India on SCN. I need to learn basics of TAXINN and JINFACT/JINDEPO procedures a of today in pre-GST era in order to Learn GST going forward/

I need to know what master data is maintained in J1ID for TAXINN from SD module point of veiw. Relation between condition types in JINFAC/JINDEPO/JINEXPC and TAXINN procedures and how condition records are maintained ?

ANy Detailed SAP note/s someone aware of, to answer above questions for CIN from SAP SD (Pre-GST)



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2 Answers

G Lakshmipathi
Jun 12, 2017 at 05:59 PM

I can only pity you that without knowing CIN, it will be very difficult to crack domestic projects in India. Now to answer your two questions

  1. Yes J1ID is only for TAXINJ and it involves all streams (MM, SD & FICO)
  2. It is not that much easy for you to understand even if you go through documentations on CIN since you don't have domain experience. So the ideal way to gain knowledge to some extent is to get in touch with some finance people who work in product based industries and get clarified your doubts

Last but not least, while responding, please respond in the comment instead of Answer

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G Lakshmipathi
Jun 12, 2017 at 04:02 PM

From your post, it is very clear that you have not made any efforts to search in Google as J1ID will not work in TAXINN. Moreover, lot of OSS notes are there on how to migrate TAXINJ to TAXINN which includes 2014164 and 2252781 and it is very elaborative. All you have to do is search in Google or Service Marketplace

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Hello Lakshmipathi,

thanks. when I was looking for notes for TaXINJ to TAXINN migartion, sap shows GST migration notes whereas I wanted notes (taxinj to taxinn) without GST ! I hope the above two notes by you cover TAXINN and JINFAC etc (pre-GST). is not opening right now here or else i could have checked !

two more things as below.

1) Do all data maintained in J11D is for TAXINJ whether it is SD or MM module or FICO ?

2) As I do not know CIN practically , should I concentrate on reading GST notes . Will one understand it without practical CIN knowledge of pre-GST era. I have regretted a lot for not knowing CIN for excise, service tax calculation but now I do not want to loose opportunity in learning GST for India . I want to take up a domestic project . Issue is, no one gives domestic GST project without hands on CIN knowlegde of pre GST era.

I have only experience in eurorpean projects.