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Expected yield variance in production order

Jun 12, 2017 at 12:54 PM


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We have a production order which contain several Co-Products. The material to be produced is also maintained in MM as a Co-Product. Order details:

Material to be produced Mat FG

Order qty 31,901.610 KG

Components list contains:

To be produced material FG: - 31,901.610 KG

Raw material RM01: 70.837,935 KG

Raw material RM02: 19.140,966

Co-Product CO01: - 817,990 KG

Co-Product CO02: - 817,990 KG

Co-Product CO03: - 817,990 KG

Co-Product CO04: - 817,990 KG

Co-Product CO05: - 817,990 KG

Co-Product CO06: - 4.089,950 KG

Co-Product CO07: - 817,990 KG

Confirmations (Milestone confirmation):

OP 10 Confirmed yield 0,000 KG only activity confirmed (Final conf.)

OP20Confirmed yield 34.716,880 KG and activity confirmed (Final conf.)

Material qty posted as below:

To be produced FG: 31.901,610 KG Mvt 101

Raw material RM01: 68.050,000 KG Mvt 261

Co-Product CO01: 417,340 KG Mvt 101

Co-Product CO02: 120,410 KG Mvt 101

Co-Product CO03: 143,760 KG Mvt 101

Co-Product CO04: 119,890KG Mvt 101

Co-Product CO06: 1.963,870 KG Mvt 101

Co-Product CO07: 159,000 KGMvt 101

In the order Qty details:

Total qty 31.901,610 KG

Delivered: 31.901,610 KG

Short/Exc. Rcpt: - 65.283,120 (Expected yield variance)

Now my question is why the Expected yield variance is - 65.283,120?

I tried to rebuild the scenario in our test system and come to the figure 2.815,270 which the difference between last final confirmed yield in OP20: 34.716,880 and the Total order qty 31.901,610.

Do any one have any idea how the Expected yield variance is - 65.283,120?

Thank you..

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Former Member Jul 07, 2017 at 08:26 AM

I found the issue.

Actually the production order qty have been changes from the initial order qty after the operations final confirmed. It was 100,000 KG and changed to 31.901,610.

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