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Apr 04, 2007 at 03:59 PM

How to make delivery cost excisable


Dear Experts,

we just went live 3 days back .

we are now facing a problem. In few case of spare purchase, we have a

pricing component naed "Packing and forwording" which is included in

net value on which excise is getting calculated. Tax base value is not

including any delivery cost type condition.

Pricing should be as follows

1. basic price: Rs.110

2. Discount: Rs.50

3. Packing & forwarding : Rs 40

Net price for Excise ( Sum of 1-3): (Rs.110-Rs.50+Rs40)=Rs.100

Expected TAX Calculation :

Base Value for TAX (BASB) : Rs.100

BED : 16 % on Rs.100= Rs.16

Cess: 2 % on Rs.16 = Rs.0.32

VAT 4 % : 116.32x 4%= Rs. 4.65

But system is not calculating "Packing & forwarding" while calulating

Base Value for TAX(BASB). Would you please suggest how to include that

pricing condition in BASB?

Attaching excel containing domestic pricing schema and tax procedure