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Apr 04, 2007 at 03:31 PM

Sorting Bid Invitations through map


Hello all,

An interesting reuqirement has come from our client.

Currently for bidding they are using a locally developed e-procurement site

which offers bidders the facility to sort the Bid Invitatios by clicking

on the state of the country in the map.

They are looking for the same facility with SAP SRM also.

We are educating the core team to use the standard search criteria.

But just for acedemic purpose was thinking over this request.

My hypothesis is as follows:

We can make statewise pur org which will be selected by the purchaser during

the creation of BI.

When the bidder will click on a particular state in map i need to develop

some link which will tell SRM to sort the BI for the resp pur org to show

to bidder.

I am not clear what mechanism will enable me to link the picture file

for a value of pur org.

Can anybody throw some light on this requirement?



Don't worry for points.