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XSA_ADMIN LOGIN falied with internal server error

Jun 12, 2017 at 07:04 AM


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Hi ,

I am facing the issue after installation hana 2.0 SP01 I am not able to login the XSA_admin , Login page is coming but after that the message "Internal Server Error" is coming , All my services are running fine, and one more thing I have observer is After installation XSA_ADMIN user is not listing in the user list ,Any idea what I have to do ?

please find logs error

6/12/17 6:38:42.598 AM [APP/3-0] SYS #2.0#2017 06 11 23:38:42:598#-07:00#ERROR#/Handler#########JR-dXcSBosMf2CpdHWwduMcne6-fH6ea######j3trphd1#PLAIN##GET request to /login/callback?code=T2jRk9 comp leted with status 500 - Could not authenticate with UAA: Could not obtain access token: request to UAA at https://hana20:30032/uaa-security/oauth/token failed: tunneling socket could not be establishe d, statusCode=403#

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2 Answers

Krishna Kumar S
Jul 06, 2017 at 12:18 PM

Hi Anshul,

Did you get to resolve this issue? i am also facing same error.

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Juan Sebastian Goldberg Aug 30, 2017 at 01:32 PM

Hi all,

I have had the same problem.

Today I have found the solution.

The problem is regarding the system proxy configurations.

I delete the system proxy configurations, reboot the system and now all is working.

I am runnin HANA in Ubuntu.

For Ubuntu the proxy configurations can be found in the following files:

  • /etc/environment
  • /etc/profile.d/<some-name>
  • ~/.bashrc


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